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.:Mod Post:.

The Application:
.:Name: Lanna
.:Age: 16
.:Location: Ontario, Canada
.:Your best talent: singing
.:How do you feel about:
-Canadian Idol: I heart jacob he is the best singer ever!
-Athens Olympics 2004: well its just crazy that you could get 100 medals!
-Romance: you either love it or you hate it... right now i hate it...
-Shootings: been lucky that i have never lived in an area with shootings... i feel for those that live those areas....
.:Using one word what best describes your personality?: weird.
.:Your favourite bands(3+ please)?: alexisonfire, brand new, crowned king, my chemical romance, tbs, soco etc...
.:Your favourite movies (3+ please)?: the butterfly effects, taking lives, mean girls
.:How you found this community?: I OWN IT!!!
.:Who you promoted us too?(link us were lazy): ITS MINE I PROMOTED LIKE CRAZY!!!
.:three or more of your best pictures:

sorry some pictures are big... i can't resize them right now cause my computers messed...

some pics are a little big will fix later... sorry
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