I Want To Be Your Crystal Baller (neversawthepain) wrote in xhot_er_notx,
I Want To Be Your Crystal Baller

Die Young & Save Yourself

.:Name: Jules
.:Age: 16
.:Location: Rhode Island
.:Your best talent: This sounds dumb, but I have a special bond with horses. :/
.:How do you feel about:
-Canadian Idol- Never heard of it.
-Athens Olympics 2004- It was okay. I didnt watch it much, just he Equine parts when I had time.
-Romance -It's nice, but a bitch! Guys can be such jerks. and they love to break girls hearts (especially the girls who fall hard on their ass for them)
-Shootings -I dont know how to say how I feel. It makes me Angry, Sad... Kids who are actually that dumb to bring guns into school or any place for that matter should just kill themseleves before they kill inocent people. not to be mean, but really give me a break. There's no need. Those people need to grow up. Whenever they dont get what they want or feel like people dont like them, they do things the imature way and bring a gun with them and kill people!!!
.:Using one word what best describes your personality?: Loving
.:Your favourite bands(3+ please)?: Third Eye Blind, Three Days Grace, Korn, Brand New, Linkin Park, Trapt, Thursday, Taking Back Sunday Ect...
.:Your favourite movies (3+ please)?: Out Cold, Scary Movie and The Horse Whisperer.
.:How you found this community?: Through lj Intrests
.:Who you promoted us too?(link us were lazy): I promoted you to all my friends. So The promo is on my journal. Tell me if you want me to move it. http://www.livejournal.com/users/neversawthepain/
.:three or more of your best pictures (Spare us your parts no nudity please!)
.:If your new please put "Die young and save yourself"

Die Young and Save Yourself



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