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Die Young and Save Yourself

The Application:
.:Name: Sarah
.:Age: Sixteen
.:Location: Pennsylvania
.:Your best talent: Singing

.:How do you feel about:
-Canadian Idol
I have never seen it =\
-Athens Olympics 2004
I enjoy watching the Olympics. I heard that Badminton (sp?) is now an official sport in the Olympics, but I have yet to see it. I enjoy the tennis especially, I think tennis is a fun sport.
I adore romance everything- novels, movies, real life, etc. I love getting flowers, and I think one of the most romantic things a guy could do for a girl is to pick her wildflowers himself. I know it's a little corny, but I think it would be really sweet. I also think the beach is romantic. Watching a sunset with your sweetheart on the beach would be so nice. Awe. Candlelit dinners, flowers, candy, sweet words, you name it- I'm a sucker for it. And if poetry was ever recited to me, I'd die. lol.
Well. I can't say I feel very positive about shootings, lol. I think it's senseless to hurt another human being unless you're defending yourself or someone you care about. To begin/partake in a shooting is senseless and inhumane.
.:Using one word what best describes your personality?:
.:Your favourite bands(3+ please)?:
Deftones, Poison The Well, No Doubt
.:Your favourite movies (3+ please)?:
The Lion King, The Labyrinth, No Retreat.No Surrender, The Princess Bride, basically any Disney movie or cheesy 80s flick.
.:How you found this community?:
I was invited by rocketstars
.:Who you promoted us too?(link us were lazy):
.:three or more of your best pictures:.

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